Monday, 20 February 2017

Yncarne in alternate colour

I had been having a difficult time finding some alternate color schemes for the yncarne but decided to go with a base of khorne red for the model and green for the spirit cloud.

Very happy with the result. I am not a particularly great painter and this model was daunting to try (and a pain to assemble).

First up you need to paint alot of  this model disassembled.

Wraith stone base and flying base elements and lower part of spirit swirl
Army painter skeleton bone spray undercoat
Rakarth flesh base
Agrax earth for patterns
Ushabti bone for simple highlight

All of the remaining model was undercoated in GW white except for face which was also skeleton bone

Body base khorne red
Dry brush screamer pink
Shade carroburg crimson

Spirit swirl
Base stegadon green
Dry brush 1 warpstone green
Dry brush 2 moot green

Gems base Gehenna's gold
With Spiritstone red nd waystone green

Other gold elements on the model were Gehenna's gold base, agrax shade and some old shining gold highlights.

Hope you guys find this useful.

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