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Monday, 20 February 2017

Yncarne in alternate colour

I had been having a difficult time finding some alternate color schemes for the yncarne but decided to go with a base of khorne red for the model and green for the spirit cloud.

Very happy with the result. I am not a particularly great painter and this model was daunting to try (and a pain to assemble).

First up you need to paint alot of  this model disassembled.

Wraith stone base and flying base elements and lower part of spirit swirl
Army painter skeleton bone spray undercoat
Rakarth flesh base
Agrax earth for patterns
Ushabti bone for simple highlight

All of the remaining model was undercoated in GW white except for face which was also skeleton bone

Body base khorne red
Dry brush screamer pink
Shade carroburg crimson

Spirit swirl
Base stegadon green
Dry brush 1 warpstone green
Dry brush 2 moot green

Gems base Gehenna's gold
With Spiritstone red nd waystone green

Other gold elements on the model were Gehenna's gold base, agrax shade and some old shining gold highlights.

Hope you guys find this useful.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

converted Wraithknight number 2

On a whim I decided to build a second wraithknight. I had so much fun with the first one that I decided to go again!

This time I went for a leaping Knight carrying a 2 handed Bardiche style glaive.

This kind of happened by accident as originally I was trying to pose the model in a kneeling pose.
I am delighted with the outcome ! Let me know what you think.

Trust in the glaive!!!

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Voidhunters shadow corp prepare for war!

Gaelcon is around the corner and given it is one of the biggest events of the year I am looking forward to getting a few games in and hope to report out on the games after the weekend.

Anyway for now the list looks like this.

Eldar codex - Iyanden Supplement
1 spiritseer(psychic power - Battle )
Farseer (100) Bike (15) ( psychic powers 2* Divination, 1* Fate)
3 eldar JetBike
6 eldar JetBikes (102) 2* shuricannon
5* Wraithguard
Wave serpent  w scatter laser
5* Dire Avengers
Wave serpent w scatter laser
8 Warp spider
Crimson hunter  with exarch
3 * Warwalkers , 2* scatter Lasers, Scatter Starcannon , Scatter Starcannon 
Wraithknight with Glaive (10)

So this list is a little unconventional but I like how it looks on paper. I have never actually played a game with it which always makes a tournament a bit more of an adventure :)

Let me explain some of my logic.

farseer on Bike - it is very hard for me to look past the buffing powers of a farseer unfortunately in this tournament it is ruled that you must pick your powers before you start (- a stupid bloody rule if you ask me but whatever) -which reduces him a little in effectiveness. As such he is designed to try for fortune once or take Guide and then go twice on div and take precog if doesn't like the options. He will often be buffing the bikes/ warwalkers/ wraithknights

Spiritseer - the Iyanden power to battle focus is just awesomely useful for wraithguard and shooty wraithknights. 2 rolls on battle here as I hope for protect.  Spirit mark i have also become very fond of.

3 man jetbike - score and annoy
Dire Avengers - sit in their wave serpent until late game
6 man cannon squad - score act as a home for the farseer and harass
Wraithguard - in  a recent tournament these guys were rockstars. They make excellent home base crew and with S10 and potentially iyanden primaris these guys can really kick things hard if they get close. For 160 points they are bloody hard to remove.
Wave serpent * 2 - great utility vehicle very hard to shift with shields up and great for some light anti

Warwalkers - People get down on these guys all the time as being too fragile... if so you are using them wrong. A single piece of proper terrain that they can jump around with battle focus makes them incredibly powerful and hard to shift. Point for point still the best firepower at range in the game I think. 2* starcannons to help take wounds from some of the tougher MCs and the AP2 helps against light vehicles. Worth it for the loss of a couple of wounds.

Wraithknight  with Glaive. Now last tournament this guy had a scatter laser / starcannon too which were moderately useful but points better spent elsewhere.  The internet hates the glaive but I tell you what this is a big fast hard to kill unit and the reroll does make a difference in combat. He was my MVP in most games the last tournament to my great surprise. The 5+  invuln is also pretty damn awesome. I often run this guy straight down the opponents throat but sometimes use him as a free safety as well. Come near and I'll kick your ass!

Wraithknight with wraithcannon - great at taking out priority vehicle targets or hitting a character after the warpspiders clear the chaff! Can take out non combat geared units but won't beat them like his angrier brother.

Warpspiders - whats not to love? Aggressive, high volume firepower and very very fast. Love em.

Well I will report back on performance with a few photos next week!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Converted Warp Spiders painted

I got into a bit of a groove on my painting this weekend so managed to get a squad of warp spiders painted up :). No bases yet but I have a big lot of bases in the painting workflow

Let me know what you think. I'm delighted  to have some dynamic looking warp spiders (almost) ready for action with the void dragons! The Hoses from the pipe maker tool also came out awesome so all round dead happy myself with this lot.

You can see a couple of the weapon types here. The 2 or 3 vane look really ties them together

Scrollwork - not perfect but Ok

More scrollwork , probably my favourite

Target selected... engage. I painted alot of gems on these models, provides them a little more bling in person.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Warp spider conversions

I am not a fan of the warpspider models but I love warp spiders in my list.... time to get the conversion kit out. I also decided in this instance to go for a common look but different types of weapons.

The base of these models has been tried and tested for me with another unit. I think the DE scourge kit is one of the best kits that GW have ever produced, dynamic body poses, very lean eldar look, great heads,
The wings also are pretty awesome although I have only used them once so far (see my other conversion for Baharroth), I also think the bat wings might be making an appearance in my Tyranid army at some point but you can see that idea being fleshed out on on my other blog after the new codex probably.

Back to the Spiders. The following is a list of parts that I used to make these models - you can tell I like mixing and matching right ?

Scourge kit: Legs, torsos, heads, arms
Guardian kit:  Legs, torsos, left and right arms,
Forge World  Corsair conversions kit , I use all of these, vanes, the elongated heads and the backpacks
New Wraithguard, D cannons (cut down cannon body and using the vanes.
Green stuff / forge planet pipe maker  - hose lines
Old Dark Eldar - Old Splinter cannons

The look I was going for on the weapons is to have a common thread of vanes on the weapons
You can see the 4 examples below that I built. Also note the Hoses that have been added to some of the models.

Fig 1
 This item is the old DE splinter cannon with the front of the D cannon (the piece just behind the "nozzle" ) I really like the look of this. The vanes really make the weapon look more threatening. This is also useful as "heavy" weapons should I ever need these to count as something else (like corsairs for example!)
fig 2
This is the simplest version. It is just a DE shredder but suits the model for sure

Fig 3
This gun is unusual as the weapon is underslung. The right arm is a control arm from the artillery kit, the main body is the center component of a wraithguard D cannon. The front of the weapon is also from the D cannon just paired back and with a  little spike from a tyranid bits box. This is probably my favourite item as it looks heavy and dangerous.
Fig 4
The last one here and this one is a little different, It is

This is the fully assembled squad immediately before spray painting and I am very happy with the outcome . I will update the blog with more photos of the models as they get painted and get on the table to shred some mon-keigh!