Sunday, 31 March 2013

The winged prince

Having recently decided to try out Baharroth in my Greydar (Eldar w Dark Eldar alliance) I felt I needed a model to fit the void dragon theme as the old Baharroth model is pretty poor and looks very dated. Plus I like converting :)

Having decided that a new model was needed I went digging in my bits box.

The base model I decided to use was a Dark Eldar Scourge, this provided the legs and the torso. the right hand is a glaive from the Dire avenger kit and the left arm is a converted piece, twisting the angle of a regular Dark eldar Wych vambrace arm to a raised position (cut and rotate at the elbow) and adding a lasblaster from the Eldar corsairs kit.

Here is the work in progress on my painting station :)

The Wind is calling.

look forward to seeing this guy on a table top soon.

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