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Iyanden Supplement first battle report. Menenshamesh

I was actually pretty pleased with the Iyanden supplement overall. The fluff was great, good imagery and some solid rules. I would have loved to have seen a force org change for wraithlords but you can't have everything!

The themed missions looked like alot of fun so I challenged a good friend and solid adherent to the Demon Tzeentch to a Battle for the world spirit of Menenshamesh.

First off both players brought lists that were fully in the spirit of the mission.

Iyanden warhost 2000 pts.
Wraithseer (Warlord)
5 shadow council
10 wraithguard Dcannons
5 wraithblades (axes)
5 wraithguard D scythes
Crimson Hunter
2 wraithknights

My opponent played a full Tzeentch list.
2 tzeentch demon princes
3 squads of 9 screamers
3 full squads of horrors
2 squads of 3 flamers
2 tzeentch soul grinders

The world spirit was set up in the middle of my deployment zone and I had to keep my shadow council members within 6" of the center to try and clear the taint. So tzeentch knew where I would be.
I set up with the everything towards the center except for the wraithknights who were flanking.
With 2 soulgrinders and presience available I knew I would likely lose a ton of wraithguard first turn.

But capricious fate stepped in and I stole the initiative :)

The wraithknight and wraithseer stepped up to the challenge and between them killed one soul grinder (and a few screamers) But the real winner in this turn was the world spirit who both A) was cleansed of 1 of its 6 points of corruption and B) caused the planet itself to crush the other soulgrinder in the blink of an eye.

The demons all rushed forward their sweep attacks clearing out most of the wraithblade squad. The spiritseer barely survived taking 1 wound but looking out the rest.  The warpstorm table (which had a reroll to encourage a tzeentch related impact) did nothing. The reroll caused the impact to me to be lessened which was a general feature of the game. The spirit was not healed in this player turn

Turn 2
The wounded spiritseer was renewed and the nearest screamer squad was enervated (-1 S) so both wraithlord and wraithseer stepped up to smash them into oblivion (the seer and lord can't be wounded and would be  instant killing the screamers.  I decided to shoot a d cannon at them first and it scattered 12" onto my wraithlord, rolled a 6 to wound and thereby instant killed him Capricious fate thou art a fickle thing!
The wraithseer killed a few of the screamers.
the wraithguard unit managed to kill a good few of the second screamer squad
The Dscythe squad managed to do 16 wounds including 4 instant deaths to the 3rd flamer squad but the saving was super so only 3 died (just enough for me to fail a charge - damn you tzeentch!)

The worldspirit was healed but didn't crush any unit this turn.

The demons wrath unfolded with the flying monsters coming in  and unleashing psychic shrieks and balefires. they also dropped a portal glyph. this reduced the wraithblades to 1 (charged by , the d scythes and killed 2 spiritseers. leaving me with just 3 in the wraithguard squad.  It would now be considerably harder to heal the world spirit. the wraithseer did kill off the 1st screamer unit.
The wraithknight
On the plus side the remaining wraithguard were protected (+1 armour save) and had a 4 or 5 up deny the wych.

Turn 3  the crimson hunter turns up and lays into a demon prince. bringing him down to one wound but failing to kill him.
The leftside wraitknight shot, hit and killed the Lord of change (S10 instant death)
The right wraithknight shot, hit and took the last wound from the other demon prince.
The wraithguard wiped out the second screamer squad. and the wraithseer charged the 3rd screamer squad who had just killed the last wraithblade. He killed 3 of them but they rolled a double 1 on their leadership test to return... damn them!
But the world spirit was watching and although not healed this turn (only 1 spiritseer was close enough) it did kill the screamers (this was definitely the right thing to do in the spirit of the game but killing the last remaining demon prince would have been alot smarter!)

the demon prince flew over close to the wraithguard and the crimson hunter took some ineffectual shooting from the horrors.

Turn 4. Everything shoots at the demon prince and the wraithseer starts to run towards him also. but prince jukes and jives to avoid all of my shooting (last turn awesome 6 rolling meant no 6's this turn booo)
I did manage to get a second spiritseer close to the world spirit and rolled well leaving it with just 2 Corruption points. World spirit didn't kill anything.

Demon prince charges the wraithguard. taking 2 hits on the way in but he saves one and the other isn't instant death for him. This pulls the spiritseers away from the world spirit.

And tzeentch with just a demon prince and a few horrors left wins the game. The help from the wraithseer and nearby wraithknight was just too slow in coming!!

Tzeentch that master planner takes the game :)

Overall this was a fantastic game, it changed the playstyles of both armies, was a tonne of fun and could have gone either way right up to the end. The Battle for menenshamesh is certainly one that should be played in the best possible spirit but if so you should have a really great time playing it. I certainly did

Thanks to John Stowe for an awesome game... I want my world back dammit :)

I look forward to lining up the other missions in the book v chaos pirates and tyranids in particular (that T10 2+ invuln tyrant needs to go down!!)

Stay tuned!

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  1. We should flip it mate with the corrupted stone lifting your bloody Invulnerable squads LOL. What he failed to mention was I snake eyed the Ld test after losing a load of Screamers and laughed as they all came back only to be lifted at the end of the turn by the planet spirit stone's wrath LOL even more. Excellent game and the fickle dice only added to the occasion. Mike was a class act as always.