Monday, 8 July 2013

Wraithknight conversion and assembly

Having purchased a wraithknight I was super keen to get stuck in. As everyone knows this is a huge (and expensive ) model so doing conversion work on it is a little daunting but I love converting so....
I tried to do 2 things.

1. Repose the legs to a more dramatic pose ( decide on a juke or sidestep look)
2. To double barrel the wraithcannon as with a fast moving look the 2 big cannons looked clumsy

A 3rd goal of weapon swaps I have not achieved yet but bare with me. So let's start with the legs in this post

One leg is heavy and strong enough for support. I assembled and pinned that leg as designed to keep it simple and added 2 pins to ensure no rotation around an axis

In terms of advice on how to approach a leg conversion.... Firstly attach the hip connector to the upper leg not the pelvis.  I would then suggest cutting off the block at the top of the leg hip joint and then gluing that square strongly in the square hole in the pelvis. This can then be easily drilled and pinned.
This first stage allows the rotation you need to position the upper leg as you want.

The second step is positioning the knee joint. The knee piece itself has plastic pins. You can cut the lower pin off and this allows some rotation on the lower leg. If you want to go for a dramatic leg bend then you will need to trim the top of the leg back somewhat. Just use plenty of blue tack to get your positioning right before commiting the scalpal!

Once positioned just glue it up the way that you want. Given that I have positioned my right leg just off the ground i may pin that too but likely just a single pin. This also means the right leg provides some stability to the model but I was very termpted to go a little higher (I still might as I haven't glued the pinned leg yet!)

Once your legs are right spend time on the torso angles. Not a lot of flexibility here but just keep it simple and use the limited forward back and side to side rotation you do have.

Photos below give you a good idea of the work in progress.
Comments welcome :)

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