Saturday, 20 July 2013

Running wraithblades

Wraithblades are pretty cool models. I'm personally delighted that we now have plastic wraithguard... It opens up the potential for some easy converting.

With that in mind I looked to repose some of my wraithblades purchases into running poses. 

The below images are of some  of the leg repositions I did. They are simple if imperfect.

Fig 1 and fig 2 show the angles of the cuts I made on the first conversion.

By taking the 3 pieces rotating the middle piece through 180 deg and cleaning the faces slightly I ended up with a leg with much more bend in it. 
Once this was glued together I attached it to the hip joint at a running angle

By drilling and pinning the front leg so that the toes were touching the ground i got the look i was working for as you can see in fig 3.

Fig 3 shows a second type of cut i did on another leg . this type of cut requires a little more posiioning and possibly pinning. Worked well too.

Fig 2

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