Friday, 9 August 2013

Golden throne Game 2

With the first fun game behind me I got to meet Jacek another fine gentleman. Jacek likes AP3 alot....

His list was an angels of death list with Blood angels and dark Angels It was something like this...

Drop pod 5 man squad meltagun
Drop pod 5 man squad meltagun
Drop pod 10 man squad 2 meltaguns
Drop pod 10 man squad 2 meltaguns
Drop pod 5 sang guard

4* Helios platform missiles
4* Helios platform
2* devestator squads missile launchers
1* plasma cannon devestators
2 librarians with presience.

Landing pad

Setup Long table edge, Kill points
First big roll of the game I get protect on the shadowseer . I get exited and forget to change out enervate for conceal Doh... forgetting about those plasma cannons who care less for a 2+ save.

Turn 1 
I win first turn and give it to Jacek this leaves  me with the table end with the big LOS blocking building. He gets 2 buildings and the landing pad at his end. He sets the landing pad up about 12 inches into his deployment zone and the BA devs/DA devs and all 3 helios setup around it with his warlord and other librarian nearby to cause annoyance with their prescience! 

I setup very deep myself leaving Jacek's army out of range turn 1 and hiding a good portion of my army.
the warwalkers, hornets, bikes and 1 warp spider unit go in reserve.  

Jacek takes a long look at the board and says hmm you are a good player aren't you? Smiling. He then decides that his drop pods have to drop deep in his own zone as putting them into my forces will just mean they will be eliminated.  I respond by telling him I now know I'm playing a good player too as dropping in would have been suicide.

Protect fails to go off which is very disappointing as I was planning on walking up the middle... instead I have to retrench to stay out of range of that ferocious amount of AP3

Turn 2 
With still few units to fire at no real damage is done. One dev squad rumbles forward and plinks at the wraithknight to no effect and the plasma devs run forward to try getting into range (but bring an LOS unit into play). the remaining droppods arrive and cluster together on the right flank... one scatters quite a long way forward.

Realising that this game is going to be cagey and that first blood may even win it I roll my reserves.
The hornets and bike squads hide and  the  warwalkers go for broke at the limit of their range to try and kill a drop pod. Warpspiders dropping in my own zone scatter 11 inches and are left fractionally off the board.... they then roll a 2 and are placed right in front of my opponents army.
the Helios open up with a thunderous fury and kill 7 of the 8 (about average but could easily have gone the wrong way). Whew!!!

The wraithguard move forward with Protect up and stay out of line of sight of the plasma cannons.

The Warwalkers wreck the Drop pod as expected and then scoot back behind the building (bar one who promptly gets a scatter laser blown off by the devestators) . This is pretty game defining and means that in his next turn Jacek is going to have to come for me.

Turn 3
Jacek's marines start hoofing it up the board and everything he has unloads at the wraithguard killing a solitary one (2+ rerolls are awesome) He then charges them and although I was expecting a win it turns into a slap fight as the Blood angels make 4 FNP rolls. 

In my turn the slap fight continues with no deaths. The wraithknight and warwalkers (dancing once again) kill a few marines from the 2 10 man squads.

Turn 4
Again with most of my army  out of range and 2 other squad of marines joins the fight in the center. 
Again this is a slap fight with no deaths. this time however I am in a position to hit and run. leaving his units in the open. 

In my turn I kill the sang guard so no more feel no pain for nearby units which subsequently get gunned down / reduced to a handful of models. The Wraithknight does fail a 5 inch charge to finish them off.

Turn 5
In a last ditch effort Jacek fires everything at the wraithguard unit and does eventually manage to kill the baron (1 for look out sir, 1 for save and 1 for reroll save -nice work dumbass!!) He then follows up with a charge but loses the combat as there are so few marines left. 
At this point with my end of the table secure and with my Wraithguard ready to run rampant in his lines + a decent lead in kill points Jacek decides to shake on it.

Very cagey game which just about went my way, one of those games where getting ahead early gave you a huge advantage, further emphasised by the point from first blood. Jacek was a smart player and made the right calls but the dice fell my way. Also playing long table edge with tons of intercept with a foot and deepstriking list is a royal pain in the ass. 
MVP's this game would have to be the warwalkers again as they got me that early lead. The Spiritseer and his 2+ generated save was pretty awesome too though as it allowed me to threaten the angels lines.

So 2 games and 2 wins - pretty happy with that as again this was a tough matchup. Next round I get to play Trip Riptide Tau against Adam, who I trounced once with Nids on marines and he trounced me once with eldar on new tau.... how will the decider roll 


  1. That was an intense games. My hyperios couldn't reach you and you deployed your wraith guard in a way that i could only land in front of you. It was loads of fun though! and thanks for the objective! You played it really smartly. :-) jacek

  2. Great batrep, keep em coming

  3. Heh Jacek yeah was a ton of fun. Hope I get to play you again some day for your revenge... fewer Hyperios next time please though... those things are scary in that volume!!