Monday, 5 August 2013

Golden throne gt Intro and game 1

With very little planning and less play testing I rocked up to the golden throne tournament in pleasanton California.
The venue was the Alameda county fairgrounds ... Quite a spacious hall with lots of tables. 32 gaming tables and 32 more between each so that everyone has a place to put their stuff. Very nice touch.
The event was managed by rob who did an awesome job!
The basics of the event were as follows...
2000 points
Double force org
Allies and fortifications
Forge world approved allowed
No forge world army lists
Book missions
64 players broken into 8 groups
3 games each day
Win all 3 games day 1 to go into knockout day
Day 2 for everyone else was a reppachage tournament
I had never played in anything like it but was actually very impressed. It made every game nailbiting.
First off my list.
Bel Ananth of Mymeara
9 Wraithguard
3* 3 jetbikes
2* Hornets
2*8 warp spiders

Baron Sathonyx
10 kabalites with splinter cannon.

Overall I was comfortable that this army could put up against most things pretty well. the only things I was really afraid of were lots and lots of Ap 3 especially with ignore cover.

In my first game I was drawn against Keno - who is very familiar with this army as he actually painted most of it!! 
Keno was playing with a Slaanesh noise marine army (Ap3 and ignores cover blastmasters!) His army was a work in progress using sanguinary guard as the basis for his noise marines and lots of gold and purple base colours.  On the plus side eldar do Hate slaanesh :)
He has grand plans for how this will end up and I am sure it will be spectacular.

Kenos army was something like
Slaanesh lord on bike
3*10 blastmaster units
1* 5 man blastmaster unit
Vendetta with company command
Guard platoon with lascannons
3* lascannon sabre platforms
Aegis defence with comms relay.
Heldrake * 2 with baleflamers

Mission was Vanguard strike 3 objectives

Nothing interesting with my powers, conceal and enervate both pretty much useless
I setup with my warwalkers skirting the big LOS blocker in the middle. and the wraithguard and wraithlord slightly left of center. Warpspiders both deepstrike and the hornets do too.

Turn 1
I go first in night fight conditions the warwalkers jump out and fleet back behind the terrain killing a few noise marines including one blastmaster in the process. The wraithguard power forward 11" with fortune up and spread out... the baron leads the way. The wraithlord plinks one of the sabre platform and the wraithseer kills another. the last one breaks and runs away (ld7) for first blood. Good start!

Keno's blastmasters and lascannons respond by targetting the wraithknight (loses 2 wounds) and kill 1 wraithguard. Everything stays pretty much hunkered down and readies their weapons.

Turn 2
In reserves my bikes stay off (due to Keno's master of the fleet) and one of the warpspiders jumps in on the right flank close to a 5 man squad. They manage to kill another blastmaster and 2 marines from the squad. They then jump behind a wall to save retaliation.
The Wraithguard power forward again and are now standing about 5" from the enemy lines - looking menacing. The wraithseer follows them firing his D cannon as he goes. A rent in space time opens catching the Chaos lord and his closest aides killing them. Great job wraithseer!  This takes the counter punch capability from the chaos infantry and gains warlord!
The Warwalkers do the dance of doom again and kill 6 marines including 2 blast masters.... you might even think I was targetting them

everyones favourite time of the game... when the reserves get rolled for Hell turkeys....

They both arrive thanks to the comms relay as does the vendetta. The vendetta kills a few warriors on the left flank (sitting on my home objective. The right flank turkey kills 7 of the 8 warpspiders but the remaining one looks very focused....  The left flank turkey kills 2 wraithguard. The Blastmasters take 2 more wounds of the Wraithknight.

Turn 3
the second warp spider squad arrives behind the right flank turkey and the hornets hove in on the rear of the vendetta.
The wraithguard and wraithknight charge the guard blob clearing the platoon from the objective. The warwalkers work around the hill to get behind the other turkey they open up and the twinlinking of the starcannons proves very useful as it pens and kills the Helldrake.

The warpspiders including the survivor focus on the right flank Helldrake and do exactly nothing (for some reason my warpspiders just don't like shooting at aircraft and damn the statistics - no hits at all!) The Hornets have slightly better luck vector putting 2 glances on the vendetta.

Keno is on the ropes but hes is not done yet. the turkey blasts the wraithguard squad killing 4 and the remaining noise marines train all fire on the wraithguard and the warpspiders killing most of them. He also tries a very aggressive drop with the flamer toting platoon command to try and clear my Kabalite warriors from the objective but scatter too far away to do damage.

Turn 4.
The wraithknight charges a 6 man squad of  noise marines and takes 2 krak grenades to the face. while killing only one - the wraithknight is left on one wound. The wraithguard decide to try for the left hand objective but roll a 2 on difficult terrain so charge a remnant squad of marines and the master of the fleet. Killing them instead.

The hornets and the kabalites open up on the platoon command killing them to a man.

The hornets take down the vendetta and the warwalkers (Heading into MVP territory for sure) manage to put 2 glances on the surviving helldrake... the warpspiders manage a solitary hit to take it down ... at least someone seems to have learned how to point their gun skywards! They then jump back on the right flank objective to contest.

Keno's remaining undamagedsquad takes umbrage at their temerity and blasts them into oblivion. A lone remining blastmaster also tries to kill the wraithknight but fails to wound for the first time. (Keno showed a very amusing ability to scatter every single time but just scatter 4" so hitting anyway)

Turn 5
In turn 5 the wraithseer and wraithknight clean up the remnants around the aegis area to claim linebreaker and the wraithguard head back to the objective.
The warwalkers again do their merry little dance and blast 5 marines from the remaining squad, being fearless they stay where they are.

The last remaining blastmaster tries again to kill the wraithknight but scatters away for the first time.

With only a sole remaining troop and the wraithknight and the wraithseer closing in angrily keno decides to call it at that.

MVP - The wraithseer just loses out here as his FNP, linebreaker and warlord were a massive contribution

A win for this odd hodgepodge of a list which I am pretty happy with and a tremendously fun game with a gentleman of a player. I roll on to round 2 where Jacek and his Helios await... find out how that goes on the next blog post :)


  1. Odd hodgepodge of a list my ...

    Any Eldar in your hands my friend are extremely tactical and dangerous!

  2. Well Unusually for me I brought a number of units just because I could use them :) The hornets for example were a bit of a waste of space. New weapon costs will make them awesome. Would have been so much better to have a Ravager! The Wraithseer also proved to be awesome sauce. The 2 starcannon warwalkers also proved their metal... I'ld hang on to them.