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Golden Throne Game 3

Roll up Adam and his mighty Tau!

Adam and I have played twice - once when my tyranids thrashed his space marines and once when his new tau thrashed my old eldar. So this is the big decider... who will take the top spot in group 6 with 3 wins and progress to the knockout stages and who will be duking it out in the Repechage one day event on Sunday! This is 2 weekends ago now so Adam if you are watching... excuse the slight haziness  :)

Dawn of War, 5 objectives big guns never tire

Adam's list
Iridium Commander with plasma / melta warlord
2 bodyguards with plasma
3 Fire warrior squads
3 pathfinder squads
3 Riptides (burst cannon SMS, intercept, skyfire)
2 hammerheads with SMS and Ionheads.
Eldar Farseer (guide, presience and ignores cover)
2* 3 jetbikes
Aegis defense line

Warlord got, I think, no scatter deepstrike

(my warlord trait was stealth I think so woo hoo. stealth against 18 pathfinders... that'll be useful!! I also got no useful powers on the spiritseer - again!)

Good terrain with 1 building either side, lots of rubble and big manufactorum that blocks LOS in the middle.
Objectives were deployed as follows...
Objective A  far deployment zone left of center in rubble
Objective B Mid table left of center field beside manufactorum in open
Objective C Mid table near side of manufactorum in open
Objective D Near deployment zone far right side in rubble
Objective E Near deployment zone left side in a buidling

First turn is won for me by the Baron.. thanks mate and I choose to go first and setup first.
Adam deploys his Aegis on the far left corner
My warriors deploy on objective E on various levels of the building
My wraithknight, Hornets and a squad of  Warp spiders deploy on right side near objective D with good firelines
The Wraithguard, Wraithseer and walkers deploy in line with the Manufactorum. The walkers scout up so that they are just about touching the manufactorum walls. A squad of warp spiders follows up.
three squads of bikes go into reserve.

Adam castles his forces behind the Aegis 3 firewarriors and 3 pathfinders accompany the ethereal and farseer immediately behind it with objective A just in front of them. The Riptides / Hammerheads stay behind the building.

I have to say I was delighted with his setup as it meant I had only to look after 2 major fire lanes, either side of the manufactorum which meant a big blind spot too. I also had more easy to reach objectives than he did. That said the Seize roll comes up... and he rolls a 1 thankfully as I would have been annihaliated if I didn't make that blind spot

Turn 1
The wraithguard and wraithseer move into the blind spot with good run moves. Warp spider A jump past the manufactorum and snipe a few pathfinders who go to ground. they then fleet out of LOS behind a wall.
Warp spider B and the wraithknight jump over into the blind spot as well
The Warwalkers replicate their buddies and unload dakka into the pathfinders beside that first squad and kill 5 of them (then dance back behind cover), the one hornet in range fluffs it and fails to kill the last few so no first blood!

Adams forces shuffle forward with the riptides and hammerheads unloading SMS's on the "hidden" warp spiders A. I lose about 5 of them with solid saving. They also stay put which is useful. With some jumps 1 riptide jumps forward down the left flank and the others shuffle back the forward one has 1 wound as his novacharge failed him (it would be the last fail for a while)

Turn 2
The wraithguard close the gap to the Tau firewarrior lines one more and the wraithseer stays close enough to keep them covered with FNP. 1 bike squad turns up and hugs the right table edge where they are safe!
The wraithknight jumps onto objective C and puts a wound on the nearby Riptide. The Warwalkers jump out again hoping to finish him off and cause just 1 wound which Adam at least has the good grace to fail - I think their days are numbered!
The Hornets finish off the pathfinder unit for first blood (woo hoo the hornets achieve
The warpspider A unit lose 1 of their number to dangerous terrain and kill a couple of firewarriors before jumping back into terrain.

Adams riptides jump clear of their lines and the wounded one boosts to spin up his Cannon. He kills 2 of the Warwalkers with ease but the last one makes a save to stay in the game. The first Hammerhead kill one of the spiders but the last guy makes 2 saves.
The other hammerhead at BS 5 courtesy of  friendly pathfinders blasts a hornet to bits and one riptides take  a hull point off the other with their SMS (out of LOS). The other riptide with some firewarrior support and help from adams deepstriking warlord/ bodyguard obliterate the warriors in the ruined building.
The Ethereal calls for some extra shooting while backing away slightly to avoid the charge (clustering up a bit though) and the entire gunline open up on the wraithguard with many shots with boosted BS but fortuned Wraithguard are TOUGH . so they just weather the storm.

Turn 3
The baron and wraithguard think they can make the 6 inch charge this turn  but they fail and are left twisting in the breeze. Gah!! They are at least now contesting objective A... and the firewarriors look worried
The Warwalker decides to devote more power to his weapon systems and takes 2 wounds from the damaged Riptide. The Wraithknight finishes him off. 1 down 2 to go!! The 2 are closing though.
warpspider B hustles up behind the wraithseer by the manufactorum. 2 more bike squads roll on and they hustle over to the right flank out of trouble again. The wraithseer goes for a glory shot with the D cannon and adams hit dice means 6 wounds on the ethereal but he lucks out and passes all of his Look out sir rolls still 5 warriors and pathfinder isn't a bad result!

The 2 Riptides wreak revenge for their fallen brother. Taking 4 wounds from the wraithknight. The last man standing in Warp spider squad A hits the dirt. The wraithseer decides that Hammerhead SMS missiles are very dangerous and takes 2 wounds, fails 2 saves and then fails both FNP rolls..Grrr! one hammerhead is ploughing towards objective E as he is scoring.
The commanders plasma immobilise the annoying war walker.
The firewarriors hustle back a little more and volley fire on the wraithguard again this time managing to mangle one of the constructs with pulse fire and one small squad sees off the 2nd hornet. Both of his bike squads come on in the corner behind the Aegis.

Mid game and the game is in the balance. I feel I have a slight edge in positioning but the tau are getting an upper hand in the firepower stakes for sure. Quite a bloody game so far and looking to get worse!

Turn 4
Ok so time for the baron and co to get to work. They do an admirable job and smash the remnants of a firewarrior squad and a pathfinder unit aside. The aegis is starting to look a little unmanned! They also get to watch as Adams hit dice helps out the wraithseer once again this time sucking the ethereal to his doom and taking more of the squad with him.
The Wraithseer blasts one of the commanders bodyguards aside but the warwalker fluffs his shooting aside from 1 wound on a Riptide. The warpspiders bide their time as a free safety should anything come to tackle the blind spot. My bikes move into position to threaten Objectives B C and D

1 hammerhead moves onto the objective and takes a wound off the Wraithknight. the second hammerhead moves towards midfield.
The commander tries again to blast the warwalker apart but this time the invuln save does it's work and he survives

Turn 5 
Squeaky bum time as always with bikes on the board in objective games!
The Wraithknight takes 2 wounds off the nearest riptide leaving him on just one. The Warpspiders jump out between a hammerhead and a Riptide.The Wraithseer opens up with his Dcannon which hits again but only glances. The warpspider choose to finish it off and then jump back onto objective C.
The wraithguard smash aside the last defense at the aegis they then move onto objective A with the consolidation move. The Baron goes off hunting the last pathfinder squad and associated farseer nearby kills a couple but they stay put.
The 3* 3 bikes decide that objective D is the key so cluster around it to make it impossible for Adam's bikes to take it.
At the end of my turn I hold objective A (wraithguard), D(bikes) and C(Wraithknight). The warpspiders surround objective B and Adam has objective E due to the surviving Hammerhead.
But it's adams time to shine now...

The commander and co finally kill the remaining immobilised warwalker
The Riptides lay into the warpspiders and Nova charge to super jump.
One riptide jumps up to contest objective C
The bikes split up and one manages to contest D ... apparently I didn't protect that properly!
The other lands on objective A to contest.

End of turn and Adam has contested 3 objectives, one is neutral and he is holding 1..... I have Line breaker as does he and First blood to me... So Adam in winning position.

The dice rolls high and bounces.....

bringing up a 5.

I live to fight turn 6...

Turn 6
The wraithguard take vengence on the bike squad for their temerity of denying them their target. The Baron recharges the pathfinder squad again (he hit and run last time) killing 2 again but they pass leadership again
A bike squad flies towards the heavily damaged Riptide and puts a shuriken blade right in the eye socket so it crumples to the ground. The remaining warpspiders put some dakka into the undamaged riptide who takes 3 wounds. (good rending).
The wraithknight and other bikes kill the 3 bikes defending objective E
No bikes to contest this turn Adam!! what now?? I am holding A D and C again

Adams riptide powers up his nova but damages himself for the first time in lots of turns... ready for another big jump, to try even up the objectives again The commander kills the wraithknight, the riptide kills two bikes  and then super jumps to contest but only rolls 6"  1,1, 2, 2.  so falls way short ( he would have needed about an 18" jump so it was a big ask but disappointing result.  The bikes also pass their test to add insult to injury. The baron kills 2 more pathfinders but they pass again.

With that the game ends.

The undamaged hammerhead takes objective E and Linebreaker
The wraithguard take A, The bikes take D and C and the warpspiders hang out at B
The Baron takes linebreaker for me and I get first blood

Final result 11 - 4 to me but it felt a hell of a lot closer than that.

Thanks to Adam for an awesome game which was just cracking fun all the way through!
With that I moved on to the knock out rounds and up next was another Tau list... but more on that Anon.

happy hunting :)

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