Saturday, 17 August 2013

Photos from golden throne

Some Gorgeous armies on Display!! 

Battle in full flow, I loved the colouring on the drop pods / marines

Not often that you see 3 GD slannesh and beautifully painted.
This was my pick before the tourney started for winner... it got tabled by Liz's Demons I was surprised!!
A nice tyranid conversion for an objective I presumed
Really nice conversions in the army overall and avery nice uniform colour scheme
You've seen these already but this gets you a look at the whole army board.
Liz's "Crab Weaver"
Liz's merman-ettes
Iron hands ho . Really nice display and iconography
Adam's work in progress eldar display board... I may have to copy this idea!!

Check out the saim hann dragons on each of the fliers Nice!!

Another conversion of Liz's - Ariel the herald of tzeentch!
Really nic colour scheme for Eldar I love the mottled grey look

Adam V Paul in semi final check out the Eldar Aegis

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